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Global markets are in volatile and in indecisive mode.

Good morning, amid the geopolitical crisis (sadly heavy human loss in Ukraine), global markets are in volatile and in indecisive mode. In the last month, global markets have focussed on politics rather than economics and earnings to some extent. Although some tailwinds that should be considered in the current scenario 1) Fed Chairman commentary has […]
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Direction and fate of the market was decided

Good morning, before the start of our trading session today, the direction and fate of the market were decided as news flow emanated that the U.S. and its European allies were discussing a possible ban of Russian oil imports to tighten the economic squeeze on President Vladimir Putin. The shock of surging prices for oil […]
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where the CEO could get an annual payout of almost $200 mm

Gm, we hear nowadays news flow on skill talent shortages everywhere, particularly in the finance space. So corporates/funds have to justify rising labour costs and skyrocketing of key management level fees. So there is higher pay, excessive pay, and then there’s also eye-popping compensation. Was reading that pay war erupted at one of the hedge funds (Sculptor […]
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Fed dot plot to economic data and corporate earnings

FII selling figures today were almost flat (Rs210mn) after heavy selling in the last 2 weeks (average selling has been Rs38bn daily of last 10 working sessions). Indian markets reacted positively today, as there was no negative news flow in the Budget (particularly on capital gains or wealth tax that the market was fearing). Global […]
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1st time after 2019, German bonds yields have turned positive

For 1st time after 2019, German bonds yields have turned positive. The German bund is commonly considered to be a proxy for Europe’s risk-free rate and is watched as closely as US Treasury. The spread, or difference in yields, between 10-year bunds and Treasurys reached 1.88 percentage points. This positive return might enthuse European investors to buy […]
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